The program GOLD VALET that “PAMBINOS” offers is the best in professional car care.

  • Detailed exterior hand wash
  • Engine Cleaning with specialized chemicals and ending with WD-40 for protection from moisture
  • Thorough cleaning with glass polish for all glass inside and out, shampoo and clean interior upholstery, carpets, seats, leather
  • Dry indoor, clean dashboard, plastic trays, fans dusting, internal cleaning and ashtrays washing
  • Air freshener
  • Cleaning and polishing tyres and rims
  • Cleaning and washing boot and spare wheel
  • Paint waxing and compound for protection from rust, sun, oxidation, etc.

Silver VALET

This package was created specifically for customers who are more demanding

The package includes the following:

  • Detailed exterior hand wash
  • Cleaning interior with vacuum cleaner
  • Shampoo interior such as seats, carpets, upholstery, leather.
  • Polish interior and exterior glass
  • Cleaning and polishing the dashboard, plastic trays and dusting fans inside
  • Air freshener
  • Cleaning and polishing wheels and tires
  • External waxing compound and wax to protect the paint from rust, sun, oxidation, etc.

or even:

  • If you intend to sell your car and aim at high prices
  • If you have just bought a used car and want to freshen it up
  • If you prepare your car for a special event such as weddings etc.
  • If small children or your pet has made your car dirty

Then SILVER VALET is the solution to regenerate your car. This package will give more value to your car.

Bronze VALET

The program BRONZE VALET that Pambinos company offers, will give you exactly what you actually need ,all offered in an economical package.

In this package you will get high quality services by paying a few.

The package includes the following:

  • Exterior handwash
  • Cleaning interior with vacuum cleaner
  • Polish interior and exterior glass
  • Cleaning and dusting the dashboard
  • Cleaning rims and tires with chemicals
  • Exterior Polish / wax

Regenerate unique atmosphere in the car with OZON treatment

The smells and odors trapped inside the car is sometimes unbearable and uncompromising.

The new technology gives OZON GENERATION effective solution.

This is a machine that is capable of breaking down the bad odor of the interior of the car. Even though the smell has been absorbed by various materials in the interiors of the car ,the ozone machine has the potential to disrupt and eliminate any unpleasant odors, leaving behind the smell of a clean and pleasant interior.

Classic, Modern, Sport Cars and Motor Bikes VALET

In our company we have full understanding that for many people the car is definitely more than four wheels.

We know that for those few who have acquired the car of their dreams that they always seek the best.

Luxury cars, classic and sports cars often have features that only qualified persons can deal with.

For example, leather interior, wheels, paint.

For the above we have a range of services aiming to purify and protect, using qualified personnel with specialized tools and cleaning chemicals.

And for the very demanding:

Exterior paint

Usually, luxury cars, classic and sports have the most difficult colors and paint such as metallic, red or black as the tiniest scratches or stains are very evident and hardly leave.


It is certainly well known in all areas that prevention is everything and therefore problems should be avoided before they appear.That is why we recommend PAINT SEALANT.

A good quality PAINT SEALANT offers protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun that usually cause fading of the paint, especially in countries like Cyprus with intense and prolonged sunlight and radiation.

The PAINT SEALANT protects the paint as well as Acid Etching, creating a hard protective surface reducing the possibility of scratches and damages from small stones, especially when traveling on a highway.

In our company we have high quality waxes of the largest and well known companies in the world manufacturing car care products, selected very carefully by us to serve any purpose and needs.

Either if the paint of the car is contemporary acrylic or cellulose, etc. we simply have the right product to offer you the perfect shine and lasting protection.


Although we have indicated that prevention is the best, we have also predicted that even if the paint has been damaged we have the experience and methods to restore your paint to regain its original shine.

The results are encouraging.

This is achieved over a compound to remove the layer of paint that has been damaged and to leave any minor scratches behind.

We can also clean the paint from industrial dust or other paints especially when your car is parked near a construction site where painting is going on.


It is usually the appearance of the wheels that make a car look in bad condition, as well as wheels are the first to suffer damage to a new car.

However careful you are, the warm dust from the brakes will enter inside the wheel. This powder, with the help of water is oxidized and creates damage to the surface of the wheel creating stains and damaging the lacquered surface of the wheel.


Remove dust from the brakes and whatever other harmful substances using specialized chemicals.

We guarantee that the wheels of your car will clean without suffering any damage.


  • It is very common in luxury and classic cars to have surfaces in chrome or Polished Aluminum.
  • It is very important that these surfaces are always clean and look new.
  • Trust us on this field. We will make the metal grilles, the radial wheels and any metallic parts of the engine to glow.


Our company offers a complete package for cleaning and protecting the internal salon of your car whether it is leather or textile, or if the car is a cabriolet with fabric or vinyl roof.

The cloth and vinyl roofs can be a big problem with Cabriolets.

We also offer special protection with specialized products for fabric roofs to repel water and prevent mold.

For those who are fans of motorbikes you will find the ideal way of care and maintenance cleaning.

  • Detailed hand washing
  • Detailed drying and polishing
  • Cleaning leather seats and side bags
  • Cleaning and polishing wheels and tyres
  • Wax and wax compound to protect the paint from rust, sun, oxidation, etc.